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Who stole it?

“The Warrior” is one of AZ Gallery's asset worth Million Dollars.
it has gone missing on 4/7/2022. Till this day, the police still
fails to find the painting. We decided to open the case to
public & shareour findings. Anyone that is able to solve this
case will be given a huge amount of money.



A small note with a
mysterious code written
on it using a red tint.
The code could possibly
be a location or something


A white gold bracet with
a certain symbol printed
around it. Founded 50 Meters
away fromthe exit door.
Having a small diameter,
it most likely belongs
to a woman


A regular medium sized
cutter. A light knife that
could be used as a weapon
or a tool. Found 10 meters
from the missing art piece



Burnt Ceiling

Located right above the stolen painting.
The motive behind the burning is still unknown

Crooked Walls

Located next to the exit door, This seems to be
the result of attempts to get in AZ Gallery


Glitched Surveillance Camera

All the cameras installed in the gallery was hacked
during the crime scene. Fortunately, on a split second
there was a glitch that shows a figure walking in
the gallery


White Powder

Traces of white powder are found around the missing painting.
It is identified as a fingerprint remover powder. Hence why the
thief is harder to track down

Foot Steps

A trail of footsteps was found outside of the ext door.
The footsteps are identified as a size 7. It could belong
to either men or women